Lomo'Instant Square the World's First Multi-Format Instant Camera is Here!

lomo square compact.jpgThere's been a fierce revival of the instant camera market in the last few years. But aside from the former kings like Polaroid and Fuji, it's the newcomers who are bringing something different to the game. 

Lomo has been successfully making instant cameras for a few years, including the Lomo'Instant and the Lomo'Instant Automat. Now, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over $550k dollars, Lomo's new Lomo'Instant Square is ready. 

It's a gorgeous folding analog camera with a bellows, like an old-timey Instant camera. It comes in three colors, White, Black, and Red as well as offers more than that. 

The regular Lomo'Instant Square shoots Fuji Instax Square film, but because the Kickstarter raised so much money they were able to offer as an add-on the Lomo'Instant Square Instant Mini Back as well. Making the camera the world's first fully analog multi-format instant camera. What does that mean exactly? It means with the option back you can swap out formats for your instant camera. Going from Instax square to Instax mini film... and the add-on is only $15 bucks! 

Lomo Combo.jpg
This camera is a game changer, not just because it can shoot multiple formats, but because it's so affordable. If Fuji, Kodak or Polaroid were making this camera, the swappable back would be half the price of the camera. According to their website: 

"The Lomo'Instant Square is the first and only fully analog instant camera on the planet to produce Instax Square images. It captures the world in a pop art snapshot, while the square shape literally provides the best framework for an expressive composition. With its 95mm (45mm equivalent) glass lens, it promises particularly sharp, colorful images, while the sophisticated automatic mode takes care of the perfect exposure setting."

lomo polaroid size.jpg
The picture above was taken with the Instax Square film which competes well with the original Polaroid film in terms of size and shape. 

lomo instax size.jpg

This cute little puppy was taken with the Lomo using Instax Mini paper. 

The Lomo'Instant Square is now up for pre-order on Lomography's website and the camera is priced at $199. The Combo Package that has extra filters and lens attachments along with the modular back add-on is around $239 (note: the prices on the website are in euros, so take that into consideration when noting any discrepancies)