Limited Edition Pentax K-r Colors are Coming to

Photographers have a seemingly endless supply of hardware and software options that make their photos look exactly how they want to, but our cameras tend to stay the same color. It's rare, especially in a DSLR, to see any variation from the standard black.

Pentax is turning that all on its head when it releases several different colored models of the Pentax K-r. It will be available in pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, navy, metallic brown, gold and silver. Some of the colors may be a little bold for more reserved photographers, but the gold and silver versions add a touch of color without looking too crazy. Of course, pink and green have their place as well.

There's no word on availability for the new K-r colors and at the time of this writing they aren't up on Our best guess is that they'll be coming soon - in time for some Christmas shopping.