LIGHT Releases the First Uncompressed Images Taken by Their L16 Camera... and They're Massive!

Light, a start up camera company that you may have never heard of, has released the first uncompressed images from their new L16 camera and one of the files is a massive 81-megapixels (not unlike High-Res Shot on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II)!

Here's a video explaining how the iPhone sized camera works.

The largest file they released has a surprisingly shallow depth of field considering that it has 16 different cameras to pull data from.

light l16 cowboy image.png
This first image of a Cuban Cowboy is an 81-megapixel portrait! Download the full resolution image HERE and see for yourself if it's worth $1,699.

Light l16 Horseshoe.png
This second image (full-res link here) is of Horseshoe Bend Arizona and is a bit smaller at 65.89 megapixels.

The image definitely breaks apart a bit as you get down to the finer details, but if you zoom in on the full-res Horseshoe image you can actually make out the people rafting at the bottom, which is pretty impressive.

Light's $1,699 L16 cameras are currently sold out, but if it works as advertised, you might be able to save a ton of space in your camera bag, albeit, at the cost of space on your hard drive.

And so is the circle of technology.

Source: Petapixel