Light Raises $25 Million for Mobile Phone Cameras Capable of Very High Quality Images

Light, a startup company out of Palo Alto, CA, wants to create mobile camera technology that can deliver very high quality images, ones that can rival photos from a DSLR.

light_camera.pngLight plans to achieve that goal by using multiple cameras on the back of a mobile phone that all capture images. Then, the separate lower resolution images from multiple cameras are stitched together to create a single higher resolution image. Light has already developed prototypes using this technology and believes that phone makers can better distinguish their products by offering models using better technology, versus models competing only on price.

On July 30, 2015, Light announced that they have raised $25 Million in Series B Funding to continue their efforts, and we are going to keep an eye on their continued progress. It's also promising that Foxconn is an early investor, since Foxconn is a company that builds the Apple iPhone, builds a number of products for other major manufacturers, and also makes Mobile Phones sold under it's own brand name in Asian markets.

Light has also worked out an arrangement with Foxconn that allows them to sell Light technology to it's existing customers. So, an investors like Foxconn may help Light's camera technology gain more acceptance in the marketplace, and lower the cost of production..

Light expects the first mobile phones using it's camera technology to be available in 2016.

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