Light is Working on A Smartphone With Up to 9 Cameras on it!

(Light L16 camera, Photo by LIGHT)

When Light debuted their nearly $2,000 dollar L16 camera, it showed massive potential. Its size and price, however, were something to be desired. Even though in all the product images it looks like something the size of a cell phone that you could easily toss in your pocket... that's not the case.

It's very thick and heavy, but of course, it kind of has to be to have 16 lenses, 10 of which are used to create a composite image, which is where the magic of the device comes into play.

The technology is super interesting -- it's not how big or wide your lenses are, it's about information. How much of a scene can be absorbed at once? The problem is the merging doesn't always work just right. It's pretty impressive for a first-run camera, but its technology has greater implications.

Enter the smartphone. Light is developing their own smartphone with their own camera technology.

Light Cell Phone Prototype.png
(Light phone Prototype with 9 lenses. Photo by Light)

They showed a Washington Post reporter concepts and working prototypes of their upcoming phone that had anywhere from five to nine lenses on the back of it. According to the Washington Post:

"It says (Light) its phone design is capable of capturing 64 megapixel shots, better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects."

64 MP images on your phone?! I have to constantly upload to the cloud to make room for the 5 MP photos that my iPhone currently takes.

If they were smart they'd license their technology to Apple or an Android manufacturer instead of tossing a new phone into the marketplace. RED's new phone is also coming out with a 3D display and they're known for their image quality while Light is known as a promising gimmick at the moment. However, if they can crack the code of bringing pro-sumer level photos to a smartphone, this could be a game changer.