Lexar Shows Two New Cards Including an 1100x XQD

Lexar-XQD-1100x.jpgLexar isn't messing around with their new Professional XQD card. It comes in 32 and 64 GB sizes and boasts an 1100x speed. That's a guaranteed read of 168MB/s read speed - the write speed is, as of now, unlisted. Lexar says that this works out beautifully for 3D 1080p video, and for up to 100 frames of RAW format in continuous shooting mode.

If you're not ready to drop $299 on a  card that only has 32GB of space, Lexar offers the 600x UHS-I. This new professional card doesn't come cheap either, but at $999 it has a lot to offer, including a 90MB/s read speed and 256GB of storage. It doesn't have the ridiculous performance of the higher-end card, but it's also much less limiting in terms of space.

Both cards will be available in January.