Lexar Releases 300x and 600x CF Cards and ExpressCard Reader


The latest cards from Lexar offer not only a great deal of storage space, but speed as well.   When paired with a UDMA 6 capable device, the 300x cards boast a minimum write speed of 45MB per second.  The 600x offer a guaranteed 90MB per second.

"High-end amateur and professional photographers are consistently capturing larger file sizes, either in the form of RAW digital images or high-definition videos," says Lexar's Manisha Sharma. "The Lexar Professional 600x and 300x 32GB cards store more of the images and memories that matter, and provide enhanced file transfer speeds."

In addition to the cards, Lexar has released the Lexar Professional ExpressCard CF Reader.  If you've got a laptop with an ExpressCard slot, you can simply plug in the reader and you're good to go.  It's compatible with all UDMA and non-UDMA cards and supports read/write speeds of up to 133MB per second.

Like all Lexar devices, the cards and reader were tested in a lab with over 800 digital cameras and memory card devices.  Lexar says that this ensures both compatibility and durability in their cards.