Lexar Launches Industry First 256GB Memory Card

Lexar-256GB.jpgIt wasn't that long ago that we celebrated an 8GB card, and not far before that we marvelled at 1GB CF MicroDrives. Today memory card storage capacities are getting absolutely ridiculous. The latest from Lexar raises the bar yet again.

The company's newest contribution to the memory race is a whopping 256GB CF card - twice the capacity of the highest storage card out now. It offers 400x speed which guarantees a minimum transfer rate of 60MB a second. That's enough for high FPS shooting and 1080p video recording.

The new capacities of the Lexar Professional 400x CF card empower photographers to just keep shooting," says marketing director Manisha Sharma, "without the need to change cards or risk missing once-in-a-lifetime shots or footage."

Lexar's 256GB CF card will be available in the first half of the year at a yet unnamed price.