Levi's "Walk Across America" Commercial Was Shot With a Canon 5D, a Tape Measure a Tripod

Levi's Commercial.jpg

The latest commercial from Levi's Jeans is one of the most interesting concepts in a long time, and it was done with a surprisingly reasonable setup. 

If you haven't seen it yet, the new Levi's commercial (embedded below) is an incredibly impressive stop-motion video of a man walking across America.  The concept is simple to explain, but photographer Peter Cote says it was far from simple to execute.

"From a technical perspective it was an extremely difficult shoot," says Cote.  "Measurement was very key to our success. If our measurement or my framing was not consistent then none of this would have worked."

"Color correction was also difficult," he adds. It was hard to push anything too far in color correction because the environment changes so much, each of them has a different level of contrast.

You can find more info on the shoot as well as a behind the scenes video that sheds a bit more light on the process over at Planet 5D.