Leonard Nimoy Opens His First Solo Photography Show


Best known as the actor who has played Spock in countless 'Star Trek' episodes and movies, Leonard Nimoy has opened his first solo show at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. 

It's amazing how ubiquitous photography is.  It's a hobby to many, an art to some, and a living to few, but nearly everyone has a least a smattering of interest in shooting photographs.   Nimoy has had an interest for a long while, and studied photography at UCLA before his big acting break.

The concept of the show is also the name - Secret Selves.  "Many of us have another side to us that we are not in touch with, or that we do not get a chance to explore or present," explains Nimoy. "We present a certain aspect of ourselves, but there are other unexplored, or hidden, or lost parts to ourselves."

The show opened on August 1st and will run until the end of the year.