Lensbaby Announces the Movie Maker's Kit

Lensbaby-Movie-Maker-kit.jpgLensbaby is well known in the photography world for their array of interchangeable optics and lenses that create fun and interesting effects. Now they're leaping off from still photos and moving into the world of video.

The Movie Maker's Kit offers up the Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35 optic, made to be used with PL mount cameras. Also in the kit are the Double Glass, Plastic, Single Glass, Fisheye, Soft Focus and Pinhole/Zone optics which give you quite a bit of freedom in your shooting.

"The more creative tools filmmakers have at their disposal, the more creative their footage," says Lensbaby co-founder and president Craig Strong. "We can't wait to see the unique and powerful footage created by motion picture artists around the world."

The Movie Maker's Kit is available now for $2,900 directly from Lensbaby.