Lensbaby Announces The Control Freak

Control Freak.jpg

It's official: Lensbaby's Control Freak lens is now available.  It's the third Creative Effects SLR camera lens from Lensbaby, and it's the first optimized specifically for macro photography.

The Control Freak is incredibly cool for macro photographers.  Using the different adjustments, you'll be able to compress and bend the lens to find the focus that works best for you.  Once you've got it set the way you like it, you can fine tune with the focus ring and even the tilt of the lens.

If you use the Control Freak along with Lensbaby's Macro Kit, you'll be able to photograph from under two inches away with the right combination of lenses and adjustments. 

The Lensbaby Control Freak lens ships with the double glass optic, weighs in at just 6.9 ounces and is priced at $350.