Lensbaby Announces the Composer for Four Thirds and Alpha NEX Camera


If you've been using a Micro Four Thirds or Sony Alpha NEX camera, you've been out of luck for really interesting third party accessories, but Lensbaby's new Composer may be just what you've been hoping for.

The Composer is a manual focus lens that includes Tilt Transformer functionality.  With Tilt Transformer, you can tilt the lens twice as much as a standard tilt lens, and create a wide range of unique effects.  You can arrange for horizontal, vertical and even diagonal focus slices.

Depending on the aperture used, you'll get a different effect.  An aperture of f/1.4, for example, will create a thin focus line and a ton of blur.  Going with f/22 you'll get a much wider focus and softer blur.

The Composer with Tilt Transformer for Four Thirds cameras is available now at $350.  Sony Alpha NEX users will have to wait until this winter.