Lensbaby Announces Additions to Optic Swap System

When you think of Lensbaby, you probably think of lenses with a single sweet spot. That is, there's one point of sharp focus surrounded by a gradual blur. With the introduction of their newest optics, that's going to change. As Lensbaby president Craig Strong puts it,"Lensbaby is moving beyond the realm of selective focus."

The first optic that's being added to the Lensbaby system is the Fisheye optic. You'll need a special adapter to use it with the Muse or Control Freak systems, but if you use the Composer, you'll be good to go right out of the box.

Lensbaby's Fisheye optic features a 12mm focal length and a six element multi-coated optical design. It's able to capture a 160 degree angle and can focus on anything as close as one inch in front of the lens and as far as infinity. The Fisheye optic is available at $149.95.

They've also introduced a Soft Focus Optic. If you're looking to create a softer, more diffused image for portraits, flowers or even landscapes, the Soft Focus is the way to go.

It's got a 50mm focal length a removable magnetic disk aperture system. It's an f/2 optic, but the included disks range from f/2/8 to f/22. You can also stack the Soft Focus Optic on top of other Lensbaby aperture disks. Lensbaby's Soft Focus Optic is available at $89.95.