Lens Skins Let You Customize Your Camera Lenses

In the wake of some bad news regarding flooding in Thailand, let's talk about something fun - camera customization.

The new Lens Skins from International Supplies are made to help you create a unique look for your camera lens. Whether you're trying to stand out from the crowd or attach an interesting sort of "this is mine" on your lens, Lens Skins can help you out.

Lens Skins are made for a variety of Canon and Nikon lenses and hoods, with camera body wraps on the way. The vinyl wraps are custom fit and made to keep your camera and lens functioning as normal while still creating a unique look.

There are some incredible styles in the collection, including the subdued Night Camo, the classy Sanded, extreme Firestarter and the beautiful Bird of Envy. Pricing looks to be $39.99 no matter your lens or style. You can pick them up from B&H.