Leica M9 Cameras May Be Destroying SanDisk Cards

If you're lucky enough to have picked up a Leica M9 camera you may want to wait a bit before using it for business purposes. According to reports, the M9 is having trouble with memory cards, and may be rendering the cards unreadable and erasing the data stored within.

Photographer Gil Lavi had a difficult experience with his M9 where that very thing happened to him. At a high profile photo shoot his new M9 crashed, the SanDisk Extreme Pro card he was using became unreadable and he had to start the shoot again. SanDisk was quick to replace the card with a new one, but the same issue occurred.

Leica has responded to Lavi, stating that his issue is now at the top of their list the Leica team. They've also offered him an S2 to test drive while the problem is looked into by Leica and SanDisk.

You can read more at Gil Lavi's Blog