Leica Launches the V-Lux40

V-lux40.jpgIt's been a big couple of weeks for Leica, with the launch of new MP-9, the Monochrom and plenty more. The V-Lux 40 is the latest from the camera maker and it introduces a few new features in addition to the quality you'd expect from Leica.

The V-Lux 40 offers you a zoom range from 24mm all the way up to 480mm. It autofocuses in a tenth of a second, gives you 1080p video at up to 50 frames a second and boasts a 1/2.33" CMOS sensor.

It also packs a GPS module that tracks your location and time and puts it right into the Exif data, as well as doubles as a sort of makeshift GPS unit. The DVD included with the camera has maps of cities and interesting stops along the way. You can pop those onto an SD card and use your camera to navigate.