Leica Has Record Sales - Distributing First Dividend Since 1997

It's been a while since the folks at Leica have had a really good year. It's not that they've been doing poorly per se, but they haven't been doing as well as they could. Of course, in 2010 that all turned around.

In all, the company's sales are up 60 percent, net income was eleven times that of 2009, and they're expecting even more for 2011. That's a huge turnaround over a small period of time and certainly exciting for the folks at Leica.

It's nice for stockholders too. For the first time since 1997, the camera company will be shelling out dividends.

"Thanks to the very good results for the previous fiscal year we have ample funds available to finance new products," says finance director Andreas Lobejager, "and we shall also endeavor to consolidate the growth of the past few years and further strengthen Leica Camera AG's competitive edge."