Leica Finds the Cause of SD Card/M9 Incompatibility

Leica-M9-SD-Issues.jpgBack in August photographers started to notice a startling trend with their Leica M9s. Card after card would not only become incompatible with the camera, but cause your data to be wiped from it to boot.

Leica says that they've tracked down the issue and will be addressing it in a future firmware update. Of course, just because a fix has been found doesn't mean you're going to get it right away.

"In the coming weeks we will test a beta version of the firmware in practice in cooperation with affected and selected customers," says Leica. As far as the reason for delay they say that "to ensure compatibility with as many cards as possible and to ensure that all the related processes remain fault-free and are not compromised, comprehensive testing must be carried out in the development phase."

There's no specific date for the firmware update yet, so M9 owners will have to be happy with "soon" for now.

(via Pop Photo)