Leica Announces Four New Cameras Including the M Monochrom and Hermes M9-P

Leica-052012.jpgThe folks at Leica have been busy. They've announced not just one or two, but four new cameras that will be releasing this year. It all kicks off with the V-Lux 40 and Leica X-2, both of which sport improvements over previous models. The X-2 even sports a brand new APS-C format CMOS imager.

The Leica M Monochrom is unique in that it's a black-and-white only rangefinder camera that drops the usual Color Filter Array and anti-aliasing to provide incredibly detailed black-and-white photographs. The changes to the camera give it low noise even at ISO 10,000.

Finally, Leica announced the M9-P 'Edition Hermes', which is a limited version of the M9-P incorporating a limited edition design an extravagant price tag to match.

Visit Leica's website for more details.