Sony Put an a7S II in Space... and the Imagery is Incredible!

Japan from space a7Sii.jpg
That's right, Sony mounted a Sony a7S II 4K camera you can buy off the shelf to the side of the International Space Station without making any hardware modifications to its 12.2 MP full frame sensor. 
They attached a top-of-the-line 28-135mm FE PZ F4 G OSS Full-frame E-mount Power Zoom Lens to the camera and put it in a custom rig (shown below) with radiators and heaters to deal with the harsh temperature changes in space, because at any moment the temperature can change up to 390 degrees F just by aiming it at the sun.  

Sony a7Sii in space.png

Sony cited the camera's incredible ISO capabilities and ability to operate remotely with some custom firmware as the main reason for using this specific model. They can capture the planet just as well in full sunlight as they can in the full darkness of space. 

Check out this footage captured by the camera of the eastern coast of the united states at night:


The Sony a7S II has made a name for itself on its ability to capture city and nightlife without the typically huge amount of grain that would come from an ISO 100,000-plus. 

Compare the footage captured over Japan in both day and night:

It's really kind of amazing that they captured all of that from a camera that anyone can buy with no hardware modifications. It really is the golden age for photography equipment. 


Sony a7Sii no lens.jpg

sony 28-135mm lens.jpg