LaserSoft Imaging AG announces SilverFast DC 6 with Virtual Light Table (VLT®) to support Standard, SLR and ProBack Digital Cameras

Kiel, Germany, 28th February 2003 - LaserSoft Imaging releases SilverFast® Digital Camera 6 with Virtual Light Table®. The award-winning SilverFast Ai has been adapted to the needs of the digital photographer and combines a powerful Virtual Light Table with the full functionality of SilverFast Ai with JobManager.

The Virtual Light Table offers unique features such as Viewing: e.g. for file browsing, directory overview, EXIF info, Organizing: e.g. searching, sorting, drag & drop into work area, placing images into virtual directories, and saving into new directories; Editing & Processing: e.g. edit file names, input comments, drag images into JobManager, transfer images into SilverFast for processing; Printing: e.g. print contact sheets of directory or work area or images as well as single high resolution images.

In addition SilverFast DC has special camera features such as Color Temperature, Exposure Control and Red-Eye-Tool. Other features of SilverFast 6 include Selective Color Correction with Multi-Layers and Masking for handling complex images, ACR, known as Adaptive Color Restoration, which brings back faded colors and normalizes over-saturated colors, SC2G , a sophisticated function for converting color images to grayscale, and GANE , a tool for eliminating grain and noise while preserving image detail.

SilverFast DC-VLT will be available for MAC OS9/OS-X and Windows: SilverFast DC-VLT(), SilverFast DCPro-VLT(, introductory at until 1st May-2003) will be available by the 28th of February 2003. SilverFast DCPro-VLT will be available 4 weeks later. SilverFast DCPro-VLT will support raw data formats of : Nikon D1, Canon, Kodak DCS, DCR, ProBack, Fuji, Olympus, Minolta, Sigma.

Demo-versions can be downloaded from