Need a Faster Camera Car? Try a Lamborghini Huracam

IDO lambo.jpg

Let's say you're shooting a movie and you want to have a fast car chase, and you're concerned that the chase won't look fast enough on screen, what do you do? You could use longer lenses and crush the background and shoot the cars from the side so it looks like it's traveling faster, you could have cars swerving in and out of frame, or you could just film the shot with a Lamborghini Huracan that has a top speed of over 200 mph.

IDO (Incline Dynamic Outlet) a company formed in 2014 by COO Nathan Garofalos and CEO Will Prim leases and operates advanced gyro-stabilized camera platforms. They don't make the GSS 516 gyros, but they do take advantage of their light weight and portability. No one has put a camera in a faster car. The crew of NEED FOR SPEED came close when they put a camera on a Ferrari 458 that has a top speed of 199, but no one has put a fully functioning stabilized camera rig on a car that could go over 200mp until now.

They call the car the Huracam, which I mean come on, it's like the car was made for this. It's got a naturally aspirated V-10 engine that can handle the weight of the GSS 516 camera rig they mounted to the front of it. Mid-engine supercars are perfect for this kind of work. The whole front end of the car is wasted space as there's no engine in it. Why not put a giant gimble in it. 

As both the car and the rigging is expensive IDO spent months and a rumored over 500k ON TOP of the cost of the car to make sure the rig is stable and can handle the rigors of driving at speeds around 200 mph. If you think the insurance on a Lamborghini is expensive now, wait 'til you modify it with parts that could kill someone if they flew off when driving at top speed. According to their Instagram IDO says those gambles have been on jets going 380 knots, so, I don't see how they couldn't survive on a car. 

Having said that, it's a really big rig and who knows if the car could still hit 201 mph with that giant arm sticking out, but it's nice to know that there are people out there who will do whatever it takes to bring the most realistic experience to their audience.