A Modular Action Cam with Interchangeable Lenses? Meet Laibox Cam

Laibox modular action cam.jpg
Laibox, a new crowdfunded camera company, is coming to the action camera market hard, offering much-needed change. 

Let's be honest, there are more than a handful of choices when looking at a new action cam and with GoPro recently slashing prices, it's going to take a lot to stand out on a crowded market, and the Laibox cam just might do that. 

The Laibox Cam is still a prototype action cam, but it promises to do things aren't being done by anyone else, like swappable lenses and modules for adding a second sensor.

Laibox gif.gif
The Laibox Cam can then do things that most action cameras can't, like switch the lens to shoot a 720° Full View shot or add an 8X Optical Zoom, or a Flat Angle, and even a 170° Wide Angle Lens. They claim that changing the lenses will be as easy as just clicking one over the other. Not special buttons or keys required. Aside from its 14 MP sensor, it will have another 13 MP dual lens that captures more details and renders better depth of field. All of this is easier to see on it's tilting non-touch LCD screen that can flip all the way around to the front for selfies or aid in the composition of shots. 

The majority of its add-ons or lenses are to alter it's field of view, like switching from an ultra wide to a telephoto, there will also be VR level lenses that can take 180-degree images. The camera can shoot 4K video at 30 fps with an optical stabilization system and can be controlled via an app. It also has a stereo mic at the top of the camera which company said is designed to reduce wind noise.

Here's a full video of the creators showing off its features. 

That's a lot of options for a new camera coming out. If it's truly modular, you could eventually add a whole series of fixed lenses to give it a more film look. Those add-ons are going to depend on how much support the camera receives in crowdfunding.The Laibox Indiegogo campaign has already doubled their $5,000 goal, so, hopefully, they make a bunch more. 

Remember, this is still in prototype phase and like all crowdfunding projects, if you invest, you may never see the product.