LaCie's XTremKey is a USB Drive Built to Take a Beating

USB flash drives are incredibly convenient ways to carry around large amounts of data, but they're not exactly the most stable things in the world.  If you've used flash drives extensively, you've probably broken at least a few.  

The XTremKey from LaCie is touted as "The world's most adventurous USB flash drive."  It's sealed inside a 2mm thick metal pipe casing made of zamac, an alloy composed of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper.  According to the company, it can withstand the pressure of a 10 ton truck.

LaCie's new USB drive is water tight up to 100 meters, resistant to drops of up to 15 feet and temperatures on both side of the spectrum.   It can handle heat up to 200 degrees Celsius and chills down to fifty below.

You'll be able to pick the LaCie XTremKey in sizes from 8GB on up to 64GB this August from authorized retailers.  Pricing starts at $49.