Kubota Announces Spring Digital Photography Bootcamp


Most photography workshops take place out-of-doors.  They offer a chance to perfect the art of shooting in a natural environment, but studio photographers may be put off by this.  Kubota's Digital Photography Bootcamps are made specifically for those who work in the studio.

Photographer Kevin Kubota is the lead facilitator for the five days of studio training. He'll teach Photoshop techniques and give photography tips, but it's the less technical courses that may be most useful. 

You'll be given advice on how to stay creative and motivated, an essential tool if you're going out on your own.  Creating a brand, marketing, and building clients will also be covered, including ways to simplify and maximize the effectiveness of social networking.

The Bootcamp runs $2,895 per person which includes food and lodging for the duration of your stay.  Kubota is so confident in the course, that there's even a money-back guarantee of a return on investment over the course of a year.

You can check out more information, or register for the event at the Kubota Digital Photogaphy Bootcamp website.