Kodak May Leave Photography and Focus on Printing

Kodak-logo3.jpgKodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy just last week and the company is strongly weighing its options moving forward. The company is not without its strengths. For example, Kodak owns a great deal of patents that bring in money from licensing. The company also does pretty well when it comes to printing for packages and other business uses and is stationed to do even better thanks to new inks.

One area Kodak isn't doing well in - and this should come as no surprise - is cameras. It's no secret that consumer products have been a weakpoint in recent years, and CEO Antonio Perez doesn't seem to have a lot of attachment to that division. Perez says that the plan going forward is to keep Kodak "competing in large markets, where we have fundamental technology advantages, such as in digital printing, in packaging, in functional printing, in materials."

Just because there's a chance of Kodak dropping cameras doesn't mean the brand is dead though. The other possibility going forward is that Kodak will instead license the brand to another company with more interest in pursuing the project.