Kodak Launches a 10 Inch Pulse Digital Picture Frame


The Kodak Pulse is an incredibly cool digital frame, complete with touchscreen controls and a nice bright screen.  At 7 inches though, the Pulse left a lot to be desired.

A new 10 inch version of the Pulse will be hitting shelves this fall, bringing with it a screen that's twice as large as the previous version.  It's still nice and bright, and it's got all the same features as the 7 inch model.

It's a no brainer to know that bigger pictures are the main benefit of the new Pulse, but it's the collage mode that really shows off the new bigger screen.  With collage mode, you'll be presented with several pictures on the screen at once in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.  The extra three inches makes all the difference in the world when looking at these smaller pictures.