Kodak is Looking to Sell Online Photo Sharing Service

kodak_logo.jpgIt's no secret that Kodak is having some financial troubles. The company needs to make big changes to stay afloat and turn things around and some of those changes are coming in the form of sales.

In order to raise a bit of cash, Kodak is looking to sell off its photo sharing service, Kodak Gallery. It's hard to imagine that the service is too popular, especially considering the popularity of third-party photo sharing services, so it's a good move on Kodak's part to get rid of it.

They're not letting it go cheap though. Kodak is looking for a number in the nine digit range if someone's going to take it from them. Part of that cost is, of course, due to the infrastructure and development that goes into a service like this. The other part is the patents that Kodak is packaging with the sale.

(via PetaPixel)