Kodak & Dogfish Head Team Up to Craft Film-Developing Beer

Kodak and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have partnered up to release a very special new beer. Appropriately dubbed SuperEIGHT, the unique drink has been designed to not only taste great but also develop film!

The idea first came about when Dogfish Head's founder, Sam Calagione, participated in an episode of Kodak's podcast series, "The Kodakery." During the podcast, Sam learned that beers with low pH levels might actually be able to process film. With that in mind, the company decided to make that concept a reality with SuperEIGHT.

The 5.3% ABV sessionable super gose is made with prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, toasted quinoa, and red Hawaiian sea salt -- offering a slightly tart taste marked by flavors of berries and watermelon. And thanks to the drink's more acidic content and high Vitamin C levels, the beer is indeed capable of developing Kodak Super 8 film. Check out the clip below for a sample of actual film developed using the beer!

Dogfish Head's SuperEIGHT will be available in 12 oz. cans in April. Buyers interested in trying their hand at beer-fueled film processing can download a complete recipe with instructions HERE.

And to help celebrate the launch, Sam Calagione is setting out to make a short film documenting a port-to-port boat trip up the East coast this summer. Once all the footage is captured, the film will be developed in SuperEIGHT beer and then released in partnership with the Nature Conservancy in the fall. More details on the trip will be revealed on Earth Day, April 22.