Kodak Celebrates its 125th Anniversary


It's incredibly impressive for a company to last for a full century, and Kodak shows that it's possible to go even farther. The fine folks at Kodak are going to be celebrating "125 years of innovation" at Photokina this year.

Kodak Managing Director John O'Grady says that the company was built on innovation and that's where its focus remains.  "We invented photographic film, creating the market for consumer photography more than a century ago," he says, "As we move into the next 125 years, Kodak will transform the category through an ongoing stream of customer-focused solutions that will excite end users."

The centerpiece for the celebration isn't a camera or film, but a focus on the printing of photo books, which Kodak says is the fastest growing merchandise segment in photography.  Kodak will be adding more kiosks to stores for this exact purpose, as well as a new photobook service designed with the professional in mind.