Kodak Delays Pro 14n Launch Another 30 Days Until Mid-February

The following text comes from the Kodak web site:
    "Customer availability of the acclaimed Kodak Professional DCS Pro 14n Digital Camera, scheduled for mid-January, is being rescheduled to mid-February. Kodak Professional does have sample images taken with the DCS Pro 14n camera available for download. The rescheduling is necessary to make absolutely certain the 14n is built to the exact, demanding specifications of Kodak and its customers. "We regret the delay," said Madhav Mehra, General Manager, Digital Cameras, Kodak Professional."
Dave Etchells at the Imaging-Resource had a conversation with Kodak manager Jay Kelbley who reassured him that production of the new camera had finally begun and that Kodak was working out the last of the firmware issues.