Kodak DC290 First Look and Sample Pictures Posted

Kodak DC290

Been a crazy week and the weekend is turning out even crazier with three new Kodak, two Sony, and one each Fuji and Umax cameras to test and evaluate. We're doing them in order of importance, the Sony F505 First Look was posted the other day, I have just posted the Kodak DC290 First Look.

More Reviews and News!Yesterday we posted the Umax Astracam review online and I forgot to tell anybody about it, oops!

Other interesting things are "on the review bench" as well, we have the Quantum QB1 external battery pack that looks as if it has enough power to run a digicam all day and then some.

Thomas-Distributing sent me samples of their cool, new solar-powered NiMH battery chargers and let me tell you, they work like a nuclear power station out in the Florida sunshine!  I'll be posting a full user review soon but follow the link above to get one now, they're hip, they're cool and they'll save the planet too!

Thomas Distributing is coming onboard as one of our monthly prize sponsors for the Photo of the Day contest and is kicking in the Maha C-204F charger and eight Nexcell NiMH batteries for our 3rd Place winners. This is my favorite battery charger, it's very quick and not that expensive and runs in the car or the boat with the 12V lighter plug.

And while I'm plugging Photo of the Day prize sponsors -- a big welcome to our friends at Toshiba America who have become our grand prize sponsor for November's contest and will be giving away a brand new Toshiba PDR-M5 digital camera to the 1st Place winner. They told me that they want to be a continuing sponsor so look for even more Toshiba cameras to be given away in the upcoming months.