Kipon Reveals New Lenses and Adapters for Nikon Z and Canon R Mount Cameras

Kipon has announced the addition of several new lenses and lens adapters to its lineup of photography products. The collection includes five lenses and eight adapters designed for use with Nikon Z and Canon R mount cameras.

First up, the new Elegant series lenses are described by Kippon as the world's first third party full-frame lenses for Nikon Z and Canon R mounts. Though full optical specs have not been revealed, the five prime lenses will be available later this month. Here's a full rundown of pricing for each model:
  • 24mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) $499 
  • 35mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) $468 
  • 50mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) $325 
  • 75mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) $355 
  • 90mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) $386

In addition, Kippon has also detailed eight new Baveyes lens adapters for Nikon Z and Canon R mounts. The units are designed to allows customers to use medium format lenses on full frame cameras while maintaining the diagonal angle of view with virtually no crop factor image loss. As a result, the adapters provide a 0.7x factor to the original lens focal length along with a gain of one stop. The new Baveyes will be available this week for an MSRP of $696. Here's a full rundown of models included in the expanded collection:
  • Baveyes Pentax645-Nikon Z 0.7x
  • Baveyes Pentax67-Nikon Z 0.7x
  • Baveyes MAMIYA645-Nikon Z 0.7x
  • Baveyes Hasselblad V-Nikon Z 0.7x
  • Baveyes Hasselblad V-EOS R 0.7x
  • Baveyes MAMIYA645-EOS R 0.7x
  • Baveyes Pentax67-EOS R 0.7x
  • Baveyes Pentax645-EOS R 0.7x
kiponLensadapters.jpgSource: Kipon