Kiba; an Award Winning, Self Editing Video Camera - Now Available for Pre-Order

Do you rarely share videos because of the time needed for editing? If so, then you may want to take a look a Kiba.

The developers of Kiba are calling it "the world's first interactive, self editing video camera", and Kiba is the winner of two CES 2016 Innovation Awards in two categories: "Portable Media Players and Accessories" and "High Performance Home Audio/Video."

Kiba also responds to voice commands, allowing you to talk to Kiba to take a selfie, record a video or put Kiba to sleep. The company says that its self editing features can automatically cut 90% of unwanted footage, making videos more interesting while saving storage space. Kiba can capture both 1080p video and 13 Megapixel Still photos.

Kiba's patented Joy Ranking technology, is based on artificial intelligence, and uses audio and visual cues to capture and record video clips, requiring no editing by the user. Users can then see their top moments using Kiba app for Android or IOS devices, or from a web browser., letting them easily share their videos with friends and family.
Kiba can store content to both internal storage, or to a Kiba Cloud Storage Service.

This video shows more about how Kiba works:

Kiba is not the only camera with self editing videos that we've reported about. For example, see our article about Graava from August 2015.

Introducing Graava - the Action Camera With Self Editing Videos

Graava is an action camera designed to let the user select parameters like the desired video length, where its software then produces edited video based on algorithms that use sensors built into the camera to determine what parts are interesting. For example, data from a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, and a GPS. After all, if your speed or altitude changes quickly, then it's more likely to be a moment you'd want to capture and share.

In contrast, Kiba uses what they are referring to as "Joy Ranking" to determine what video to capture using patented algorithms. If you look through the Kiba web site pages about it, including published FAQs, you can find information about a lot of neat features they've been working on, like designing the software to allow multiple cameras to capture interesting moments of an event from different points of view., You can also schedule events, letting Kiba know when to capture videos and for how long, then it automatically does the rest.

It's interesting to watch the evolution of software and hardware designed to do more and more for users automatically. So, we'd expect to see more innovation in self editing videos going forward, using technology built into cameras, and/or by using algorithms included in editing software.

Kiba is available for pre-orders at an introductory price of $199, which includes one year (12 months) of free cloud storage and an easily attachable camera mount. Following the initial pre-order period, Kiba will be available at an MSRP of $329.

You can order a Kiba and see more about it at

See the press release below for even more information about Kiba:


Kiba, The World's First Self-Editing Video Camera, Now Taking Pre-Orders

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiba, the world's first interactive self-editing video camera, is now available for pre-order at Kiba captures and curates your best moments using patented "joy ranking" technology, allowing you to enjoy time with family and friends without having to film or edit video. Kiba is the first camera you can talk to: it responds easily to voice commands like "Kiba, record," "Kiba, remember," or "Kiba, selfie."

Raji Kannan, Kiba CEO and founder, said, "Home is a social place with many special everyday moments. I often find that when I am capturing, I am not in the frame, or by the time I reach for the camera, the magic of the moment is lost. Or I might be away from home, but I don't want to miss my little daughter's moments. I have no time to go through hours of video footage and edit the best pieces. We built Kiba to record and share home videos effortlessly with family and friends - it's handsfree and easy to use. Kiba celebrates life and everyone's unique stories."

Kiba has been recognized as a CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree in two categories: "Portable Media Players and Accessories" and "High Performance Home Audio/Video." Kiba's Joy Ranking technology, based on artificial intelligence, uses audio and visual cues and ranks the top clips automatically, requiring no editing from the user. Users can immediately see their top moments in the Kiba app (for iOS, Android, and web), and easily share with friends and family. Moments can be stored locally on the Kiba device, or in Kiba's secure cloud service.

Kiba is available for preorders at the special introductory price of $199, which includes one year (12 months) of free cloud storage and an easily attachable camera mount. Following the initial preorder period, Kiba will be available at an MSRP of $329.

About Kiba

Kiba is world's first interactive selfediting video camera. Winner of two CES 2016 Innovation awards, Kiba allows users to enjoy their best moments with friends and family. It uses intelligent, patented "joy ranking" technology to capture and curate footage, providing users with beautifully edited, easily shareable video clips. Kiba responds to voice commands, has an elegant, simple design, and is accessible via iOS, Android, and web apps. Headquarted in Mountain View, CA, Kiba was founded in 2013 by Raji Kannan and Pranav Mishra. Kiba's team and its advisors have more than 100 patents in imaging and a successful track record of bringing exciting innovations to market. For more information, visit