Kenko Releases a Trio of Teleconverters

Three new teleconverters designed to increase the focal length of your lens have been announced by Kenko. The new DGX models feature Genuine Gate Array integrated circuitry. What this means is that the circuitry built into the converter maintains the signal integrity that exists between your camera and your lens.

Kenko's TelePlus MC4 AF 1.4X can be used with full AF operation with lenses with open apertures of F4 or brighter. The auto focus will only work if there's enough light and contrast though. If you're using smaller f-stop values or shooting particularly dark pictures, you're going to have to focus manually.

When using the TelePlus MC7 AF 2.0X or TelePlus PRO 300 AF 2.0X, you arre going to need an open aperture setting of F2.8 or higher. All of Kenko's new TelePlus converters have updated circuitry designed to record more accurate exif data. The DGX converters record the aperture and focal length of the lens setting along with the teleconverter right in each photo's metadata.

Kenk's DGX TelePlus converters are available for Canon EOS (EF, but not EF-S) and Nikon AF cameras. The MC4 AF 1.4X runs $179, while the MC7-AF2.0 has an MSRP of $259 and the PRO 300 AF 2.0X runs $379.