Justin Beiber's New Video Shows Off the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS

Beebs!_TG-1s.jpgNo, we didn't think we'd ever be writing news about Justin Beiber either, and yet here we are. The new video by the pop sensation features shots by Olympus's new Tough TG-1 iHS waterproof camera. The TG-1 iHS offers up a f2.0 lens for shooting in low light situations and is made to surpass other rugged cameras on the market with impressive 'lifeproof' specs.

Whatever you may think about Justin Beiber, the video featuring both he and Nicki Minaj looks good and is an excellent showcase for the TG-1. It's also a great showcase for all of the other products shown off in the video - Beiber is no stranger to product placement.

To learn more about the TG-1 iHS, check out our full hands on review.