Just Published: Our Sony Alpha 3000 ILC Review

Sony_A3000_w_SEL1855_bk_1-thumb-550x468-20932.jpgAre you looking to upgrade to your first interchangeable lens camera? Want something affordable, yet powerful? Well then, you'll want to check out our latest review of Sony's Alpha 3000 (aka the a3000). This compact "dSLR-style" camera looks like your typical entry-level dSLR, only smaller. It still packs a large APS-C sized image sensor, offers a wealth of fully automatic and full manual exposure controls, and allows you to swap lenses. This is accomplished thanks to the Alpha 3000 using Sony's mirrorless E-mount lens system, which allows them to scale down the camera's size; but not its features. On top of this, the a3000 is wallet-friendly, with a MSRP of just $399.99; with a kit lens.

To learn all about this affordable little gem, see our hands on Sony Alpha 3000 digital ILC review.