Just Published: Our Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

samsung_Galaxy_Camera_back_1000.jpgJust hours after Samsung announced the Galaxy NX Camera, we finished up testing their first Android powered model; the Galaxy Camera. Samsung took a powerful super-zoom and merged it with a smart phone (minus voice calling), giving you the best of both worlds. The camera side boasts 16-megapixels, a 21x optical zoom lens, OIS, 1080p HD video, and a huge 4.8-inch high-resolution display. The smartphone side offers Android 4.1 OS (aka Jelly Bean), full touch interface, Wi-Fi + 3G/4G connectivity (depending on which model you purchase), and loads of available apps through the Google Play store. All for about $450 or less, depending on which of the three available models you choose.

To get the low down on this interesting combo, see our hands on Samsung Galaxy Camera review.