Just Published: Our Canon EOS Digital Rebel T5 Entry-Level DSLR Review

Canon_EOS-T5_front.jpgFor those of you who are wanting to upgrade from your point-n-shoot digicam to something more powerful and more capable, without sacrificing ease of use, you'll want to see our most recent review of Canon's EOS Rebel T5.

The most basic entry-level DSLR in their 2014 line-up, the T5 offers you the image quality and performance you'd expect to find in an EOS labeled camera, with not much else. If has all the right features where they count to capture great photos, and decent HD video, without all the added bells and whistles that come with more advanced DSLR models. While you still gain access to more advanced manual shooting controls, you still have the safety net of fully automatic exposure control, a much more manageable control layout, and various helpful learning options, such as Basic+ and the Features Guide.

To learn more about this affordable EOS camera, see our Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR review.