Just Posted: Our Nikon Coolpix S1200pj Review

S1200pj_BK_front34l_lo.JPGLooking to impress your friends and coworkers with something they've likely never seen before? Well then, you'll definitely want to check out our Nikon Coolpix S1200pj review. The "pj" stands for projector, as this compact point-n-shoot packs a 20 lumen projector built right into the body. It can project up to a 60" image at ten feet away, which should impress even the most high profile technology buff. Once you get past this feature, the S1200pj looks like a modern day 14-megapixel digicam, offering the quality and speed you'd expect from a Nikon Coolpix camera.

To get all the details about this gem, see our full hands on review. Or, jump straight to Steve's Conclusion to see our final thoughts on the s1200pj.