Just Released - YarcPlus v2.0

The Official Release Version 2.0 of YarcPlus for Windows is now available. YarcPlus is designed for professional and advanced amateur photographers who shoot in the Canon Raw (CRW) format. YarcPlus is simply a great Batch Converter/Viewer for Canon Raw images. YarcPlus has a simple, yet incredibly powerful user interface that allows it to enhance the efficiency of the workflow associated with the processing of Canon Raw files. YarcPlus is designed as a stand-alone program and can also act as a "Plug-In" to ThumbsPlus (from Cerious Software), as well as many other photo utilities.

Version 2.0 has been embraced by the Canon RAW community and offers PictureByPicture Conversion (PBPC) which allows you to to adjust the parameter settings of each picture in the file list on a picture by picture basis. You can set the following picture settings individually for each picture in the file list and then convert them all at once with each picture being converted based on their own individual settings: