Joe McNally Snaps a Photo from the Top of the World's Largest Building

Rooftopping photos have been making a bit of a resurgence recently. These shots of the ground taken straight down from tall buildings, flagpoles and radio towers are breathtaking, and nauseating if you're not great with heights. National Geographic photographer Joe McNally has just taken the ultimate rooftopping photo.

McNally climbed atop the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest manmade structure - and took a shot straight down to the ground. The shot is impressive, and you can definitely feel that 820 meter height. While many of us would be terrified to even attempt the climb, McNally says that the hardest part was getting permission. He spoke with the administrator over a three year period and was finally able to arrange the event. From the photos, it looks like the experience was well worth it.