Joby's Gorillapod Magnetic is Rolling Out


Joby has a history of creating tripods that defy tradition.  Back in 2006, Joby came out with the flexible Gorillapod and it gained popularity instantly.  Since then, they've continued to create variations of the popular tripod.

The latest, based on the success of the Gorillatorch, is the Gorillapod Magnetic.  It's got the flexible, wrappable legs you've seen before, but with the addition of powerful magnets in the feet.  You can now mount your camera on any magnetic surface.

The Gorillapod Magnetic can support cameras up to 11.5oz and it only weighs in at 2.5oz.  The idea of magnetically attaching your camera to something is cool, but it seems like you might want to test it out a few times before giving it a go in the wild, especially if your camera hovers near the weight limit.

It can be had for a price of $24.95.  You can pick it up at Amazon, REI, and at other camera and electronics stores across the US.