Joby Announces Gorillapod Magnetic - For Less Conventional Shots

If you're looking for a tripod to do things a little differently than most, the Gorillapod Magnetic is it.  It's anything but traditional.

The Gorillapod Magnetic is based on the design of the popular Gorillatorch hands-free flashlight.  Instead of traditional stiff legs, it sports three flexible ones that can wrap around objects.  Additionally, it's got three magnetic feet that make it incredibly versatile.

If you want to take timed pictures at a ninety degree angle, for example, you can attach the Gorillapod Magnetic to a pole, or your refrigerator.  You can wrap it around a tree branch for a unique perspective, or perch it on a rock pile where traditional tripods just wouldn't work.

If you're looking for something a bit more professional, Joby also announced the release of Ballhead X for the Gorilla Focus.  This incredibly portable ballhead can support up to eleven pounds and allows the user to pan, tilt and rotate the camera with ease.  Both of Joby's new products will be available this April.