Jill-e Updates Medium Bags for Fashion and Functionality

The primary purpose of a photography bag is, of course, to keep your camera, your lens, your filters and the rest of your gear safe. That doesn't mean you have to carry around a stale looking flat black bag though - you can add a little style.

Jill-e bags are all about combining style with purpose and the new improvements to the medium bag line speak to that. Every medium bag now includes a zippered slot that allows you to attach it to a larger rolling bag. Also new are sturdier straps and a bone-color with red trim.

"Our Classic medium camera / carry bags are roomy, go-anywhere, do-anything companions that come with a big helping of fashion, features and functionality," says Jill-e president Gail Backal. "we think our new bone bag, with its rich red accents, is perfect for today's fashion-conscious, technology-rich, on-the-go lifestyle."