Jill-e Adds a Compact Camera Bag That Doubles as a Divider for Larger Bags

Jill-e_E-Go.jpgThe folks over at Jill-e have added to their existing offerings with a drop-in insert for bags in the E-GO collection. Said insert is made to operate as a standalone camera bag too, though a decidedly less subtle and stylish one.

"Now the serious female photographer can safely bring her 'tools of the trade' with her in the most fashionable camera bag yet," says Jill-e president Gail Backal, "and while the bag will definitely get her noticed, no one will guess there's valuable photo gear inside."

Jill-e's new insert plays nice with the Leather Laptop Tote, Leather Laptop Career Bag, Laptop Vaise and Laptop Satchel, all from the E-GO line.