Japanese Camera Legend Yashica is Back... Maybe.

A few weeks ago legendary Japanese camera manufacturer Yashica teased the photography world when they released well, teasing footage. Here's an example.


Now,  this video shows a woman walking around a city, taking pictures with a vintage Yashica camera, but the footage itself doesn't seem to be from that camera or does it. So is the product the camera the woman is holding or the one taking the image? Yashica has been out of the camera manufacturing game for quite some time. This is a company that made a name for itself selling a camera called the Electro 35. Which had the first fully automatic exposure system on a 35mm camera. All you had to worry about the shutter speed.
yashica electro 35.jpg
(Yashica electro 35)

After Yashica was bought by Kyocera in 1983 the company kind of went through the corporate motions and eventually disappeared... until just a few weeks ago. When you dig a little further it becomes apparent that Yashica is no longer a Japanese brand as its name and copyright were purchased in 2015 by a Hong Kong company. Which might explain the new product on their website: 

Yashica WA.png
(photo from Yashica)

It's labeled a Yashica 2-in-1- 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro. It makes one wonder, was the video above shot on this device? If so, it looks fine for an iPhoto lens. However, is this just a click on Wide Angle camera a random Chinese company made and wanted a level of prestige that they hadn't earned yet, so, they bought the Yashica name. There's no better way to prey on the nostalgia of human beings than to bring them back something that was beloved, even if it's only a name. Let me put it this way -- if a new company started making brand new DeLorean tomorrow, but they weren't cars, they were scooters and had nothing to do with the original company except the name, would it matter to you when you were buying a new vehicle? That's kind of how I feel about the Yashica introduction. It's a revered name on a product that's in the same family as the original, but not equal in power, performance or prestige. Let's hope this Hong Kong company has more up its sleeve than just a wide angle iPhone camera attachment. They're currently for sale in the Yashica online store for 365 HK which today is about $47 U.S. dollars. 

Here's what you get for your money.

  •  2-in-1- 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro Lens2-in-1- 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro Lens2-in-1- 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro Lens2-in-1- 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro LensYASHICA Lens - Smartphone series2-in-1 - 110° 4K HD Wide Angle & 15X Macro Lens 
  • High Resolution. Upto 20M pixels meets all shooting requirements
  • Unique Aspheric Lens Design - Eliminate dark corners & blurry edges
  • Crisp & Colourful Image  - HD optical glass with extra high transmission rate
  • Universal Clip - For any smartphone
  • Multi-functional Clip Bag - Suede-made clip bag can be used for both storage & lens-cleaning