iStockphoto Relaunches With Improved Navigation


Apparently, August is a pretty good time to launch a website.  Olympus put up the new Olympus Store and iStockphoto got an impressive redesign.

The new iStockphoto design was created with customers in mind.  It boasts an entirely new shopping section that not only makes searching through photos simpler, but divides up photos, illustrations, videos, audio and flash into separate categories.

That's great news if your photos are hosted on the site, since more customers means more sales.  There's also an all new section just for those selling on iStockphoto called the Contributor Lounge.  It's a source for news and information, as well as stats, training manuals and software downloads.

"We've grown to over 6 million members, expanded globally and introduced many new products such as video, audio and our popular Vetta Collection," says COO Kelly Thompson. "The new site not only meets the needs of our rapidly growing community, but will also grow with us in the future, supporting features and enhancements planned through the next several years."