Israeli Company Suing Apple For Patent Infringement on iPhone's New Dual Camera.

iphone_8_plus_dual_camera.jpgJust after Apple was awarded 120 million dollars by the US supreme court in its case against Samsung for patent infringement, they themselves were hit with a lawsuit. 

Israeli company Corephotonics was founded in 2012 by Dr. David Medlovic, a Tel Aviv University professor and former chief scientist in the Israeli government. Now, here's the interesting part. The company claims that they reached out to Apple "as one of its first acts as a company" to establish a strategic partnership. The two companies had some exchanges back and forth for a while but never resulted in a license agreement for Corephotonics' dual lens technology. Then Apple made a phone with dual cameras that had components eerily similar to patents owned by Corephotonics. 

Corephotonics is claiming in its suit that Apple infringed on four patents it filed between 2012 and 2012, two patents on mini telephoto lens assembly, one patent on dual aperture zoom digital cameras, and one on high resolution thin multi-aperture imaging systems, which is a blanket term to describe dual lens cameras. The lawsuit highlights how Corephotonics' dual aperture camera technology has two fixed-focal-length lenses, including a wide angle and a telephoto lens, which is what Apple uses in its iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.


According to The Verge:

Somehow, consumers also got roped into the lawsuit. Since Apple is selling the products with "knowledge of or willful blindness" of the patents it's allegedly infringing, the lawsuit claims that consumers who buy the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus are infringing on the Corephotonics' telephoto lens assembly patent as well.

The suit demands monetary compensation for the lawyers the Israeli firm has had to hire as well as additional damages. It is also calling for Apple to stop using dual-aperture cameras immediately. Curiously, the iPhone X is left out of the lawsuit though it also uses dual lens camera technology, possibly because the suit was prepared before Apple's latest flagship phone reached physical stores in November.

If you have countless hours of free time, here's the full complaint